About us

The 3D Tvornica stems from a passion for technology and innovation, founded by Valent Turković in response to the need for fast and affordable production through 3D printing.

The founder recognized the need for an in-house 3D printing facility while working on the MeshPoint.one project, where he was responsible for finding solutions for casing production. He realized that the simultaneous operation of multiple printers could significantly accelerate the production process.

The goal of the 3D Tvornica is to establish a true production line capable of daily outputting hundreds, even thousands of products as needed. In addition to aiming to revitalize the technologically lagging industry, the company focuses on sustainability through the use of biodegradable and recycled materials. The company proudly claims to be the first in the region to promote 100% recycled metals.

The 3D Tvornica emphasizes its unique approach, combining technical precision with artistic creativity. Their team, consisting of excellent engineers and artists, tackles complex challenges through innovation, offering clients fast and high-quality services at competitive prices.

With a dedication to sustainability and over 12 years of experience, numerous projects, and satisfied customers, the company continues to create exceptional solutions. Welcome to the 3D Tvornica – a place where innovation, passion, and technology come together to create something extraordinary.

3D printing

We offer you a wide selection of materials and 3D printing by selecting the optimal technology, and we will create all your models at the most competitive prices

Industrial design

Thanks to our industrial design and 3D modeling services, your idea can quickly transform into a 3D model, prototype, or finished product.


We offer knowledge-based consulting services backed by years of experience in the fields of industrial design, manufacturing design, 3D modeling, and 3D printing technologies.

Crisis Innovation Lab d.o.o.

Vijenac Ivana Meštrovića 44, Osijek

OIB: 21346389624

Owner: Valent Turković