About Us

3D Tvornica was born out of a passion for technology and innovation. Our founder, Valent Turković, has a rich background in the telecommunications sector, where he served as the regional technical director for Iskon Internet and was involved in creating the largest European mesh Wi-Fi network through the Open Network project.

Through the Open Network project, Valent and his team, together with members of the Wlan Slovenia project, provided internet access to over 10,000 people daily, using a network that had over 600 access points at its peak. They also utilized mesh Wi-Fi technology to enable internet access during crisis situations such as floods, earthquakes, and mass migration due to war.

Valent has also been active in various open-source and Linux projects, with a special focus on embedded computer systems based on the OpenWrt Linux distribution. His passion for innovation and socially responsible business practices has been recognized internationally, earning him the award for Best Humanitarian Innovation for the MeshPoint.One project at the Europas conference in London. He was also listed in the New Europe 100 by Google and Res as one of the change-makers in Central and Eastern Europe.

The idea for 3D Tvornica emerged during the work on the MeshPoint.One project. When Valent, as the founder of that project, was tasked with sourcing bids for the production of plastic casings for MeshPoint, he quickly realized that it would be more cost-effective to start their own 3D printing facility.

3D printing, although a relatively new technology, can be time-consuming. For example, creating a casing for MeshPoint, which is 27 cm tall and requires 500 grams of material, can take up to 24 hours on a single 3D printer. However, when you have 10 or even 100 printers working in parallel, you can produce a significantly larger number of pieces in the same time frame.

Our goal is to establish a true 3D Factory that can produce hundreds, or even thousands, of MeshPoint casings (or any other objects) on a daily basis, as needed. We wanted to revitalize the industry in a country that lags behind technologically compared to the rest of Europe and the world, create hundreds of jobs, and provide our clients with fast and high-quality services at considerably lower prices than what has been available on the market so far. We believe this is achievable through process optimization, automation, and scaling.

Today, with over 12 years of experience, numerous diverse projects, and hundreds of satisfied clients, we continue to enjoy what we do every day. Our team is passionate about all technological solutions in the field of additive manufacturing. We have experience working with business and industrial clients, with whom we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) before cooperation, committing to protect all business secrets and data.

Sustainability is of utmost importance to us. We predominantly use biodegradable materials derived from plants and are pioneers in innovations with technically demanding, yet environmentally friendly materials. We were the first in the region to promote the use of 100% recycled materials.

What makes 3D Tvornica special is the combination of technical and engineering precision with artistic creativity. Our team consists of an equal number of outstanding engineers and artists who collaborate to fulfill the desires of our clients. We believe that this unique approach is the best way to tackle the complex, challenging, and creative projects our clients bring to us.

Welcome to 3D Tvornica – a place where innovation, passion, and technology come together to create something extraordinary.

3D Printing

We offer a wide range of materials and 3D printing with the optimal technology for your project, at competitive prices.

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Thanks to our service of industrial design and 3D modeling, your idea become a 3D model, a prototype or a finished product.


We offer services of consulting based on 10+ years of experience in industrial design, production, 3D modeling and 3D printing.