BIGREP 3D Printers

Solutions for large industrial 3D printing


BigRep 3D printers are designed for a range of applications: from rapid industrial prototyping to custom design products that are ready for use. They provide you with affordable and straightforward technology for producing large 3D printed objects.

Both the BigRep One and Studio 3D printers are optimized for 3D printing on a large scale. They are created to facilitate the production process of “one-to-one” models. Printing a large quantity of parts is also possible by distributing print jobs among several machines in a “printer farm”, increasing efficiency, versatility, and speed.


• Open and secure design

• Total volume: 1005 mm x 1005 mm x 1005 mm

Simple user interface


• Total volume: 500 mm x 1000 mm x 500 mm

• Quick and precise

• Isolated casing


• Total volume: 1005 mm x 1005 mm x 1005 mm

• Extruder: 2 x MXT, MXT with a 1mm nozzle

FFF – Fused-Filament-Fabrication

  • With the BigRep ONE, your company will have access to a large industrial open-format machine. The BigRep STUDIO offers a fast and powerful 3D printing service that can be installed in any working environment.
  • You can choose between a single or dual extrusion configuration. Having two print heads allows you to print with different filaments, which aids in printing complex parts that require support material or two different colors.
  • The fully-metal hot end extruder enables a wide range of filaments for 3D printing. BigRep also provides you with high-quality material for your 3D printers.
  • The graphical user interface offers features for monitoring your work. Its user interface is developed in-house and is available for both 3D printers.