Prototyping service

Idea package



  • 2 hours of consulting
  • 20 hours of 3D modeling
  • 20 hours of 3D printing
  • A week’s worth of engagement and collaboration
  • Ideal for beginners in the industry who want to make the first iteration of a product

Prototyping package


  • 3 hours of consulting
  • 1 hour of creating a product strategy document
  • 40 hours of 3D modeling
  • 40 hours of 3D printing
  • Two weeks’ worth of engagement, consulting and collaboration
  • A package for users who have developed their ideas before and have experience in prototyping

Production package


  • 6 hours of consulting
  • 2 hours of creating a product strategy document
  • 80 hours of 3D modeling
  • 80 hours of 3D printing
  • Four weeks’ worth of engagement, consulting, designing and collaboration
  • A complete package of our services, with which you can create a polished and complete product iteration in a short amount of time

3D Tvornica has years of experience in creating 3D models and prototypes for various types of products, ranging from high-tech electronic goods, board games, dental industry products, hospitality products, lighting fixtures, decorations, advertisements, props for film and theater, and various others.

We offer our clients complete solutions where our experience guides you through the entire model creation process. We advise you on how to best achieve your goal and how to continue after completing the prototype phase.

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